Why I like iPhone

iphone_PNG5740One of my friends told me a joke once. He said, a new iPhone 6 is available, that’s the sixth iPhone a will not have. It’s a funny joke, but it got me thinking. Are the people who have iPhone behave privileged. It looks like that if you have iPhone you are better than someone. And I don’t see reason why. It’s just a phone. But society and system of values keep us thinking about that simple device which once had only on job and that was to make calls.

Nowadays, phones are maybe more important than computers. With our phones we check e-mail, take photos, watch news, play games etc… And iPhone is no different. Maybe is even better than other androids and other phones. But if you are iPhone owner, believe me, you are not better than someone else. I have iPhone for two years and I am pleased with him. I had android before and it was ok, but from my experience, I think that iPhone is better. Not for some specific reason, it’s just that this phone fits me the best. I feel that iPhone provides me everything I want in a phone. No matter if we talk about duration of battery, good camera or even apps and especially games. For example I will make comparison between iPhone and Android game. It’s not a different game but experience is much better with iPhone. I am talking about a game called pokies. If you are not aware of its existence, I will tell you that it’s quite fun and exciting. Let me explain you.


Pokies are shorter term or slang for game you may know as slots or fruit machine. If you still don’t know what’s that, let me explain you again. It’s that casino game which you saw on TV where someone pulls the thing and on the screen you see variety of signs and if you combine same signs you win.

iphone-web-app-gutsAlso to be known, this game has two types. You can play for free and for real money. If you play for free, you compete for imaginary money. It’s entertaining, no matter if you didn’t score some cash. But there is an option to play for real money. For real money iPhone pokies, you must visit a web site of some legit online gambling house. They provide you with an compatible and appropriate application for iPhone.. It will be like you went to Las Vegas and played pokies over there. Maybe even better because you will don’t have any distractions. But if you don’t want to risk and want to play just for fun, all you need to do is to go to the App Store and search through a vast selection of pokies. You can find there pokies such as Slotomania, The Heist, Thunderstruck… Anyway, this game is available for both phones, but I think that iPhone is better. iPhone pokies are great entertainment and I advise everyone to try.

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Online casinos connects friends

2014+36_Friends_Cast_Poker(1)One of my favorite scenes from high school is, me and my friends staying up late, and playing poker. We were drinking then our first beers, and we were talking about girls. Those were the good times. Today, when we are much older, we don’t have much time for our poker games. Our jobs and families are stopping us from having fun like we used to. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot play poker with each other. With today’s technology we can do whatever we want. So we can play poker online.

We tried at first on some specialized sites but it was hard to connect. With growing popularity of the website, we couldn’t logged in and play all of us in one table. We had to find a different solution. We tried it on Facebook as well, but it didn’t last long. With all that complications with coins and other things. Those things ruin fun. Besides, if you want to play as long as you want you must call your friends to play as well, and that’s quite irritating. Like they don’t want to play poker, I don’t want to play Farmville. Problem with all this was also, that sometimes we want to play for money. There is nothing better than to gain some money from your friends. But, solution to our problems was online casino. How was this solution to our problems you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. I will explain you how to play online poker with your friends, or alone, for money.


First thing you need to do is to register on some online casino website. I don’t have some to recommend because I tried them all, and they are very good. After you register on website, log in to website with your username and password and leave some money on your account. Then you will have wide range of tables for poker. But not only poker. There are other regular bricks & mortar casino games. If you don’t know, brick & mortar is term for regular casinos.

real-moneyYou learn some things when you play poker for money. Anyway, we all logged in and we found some empty table and we asked to join on that table. When we were accepted, we started to play, until the last one lost his money. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t. Like in the song Ace of spades by Motorhead. You win some, you lose some. And we see ourselves, face to face, the winner buys drinks. So it’s happy days for everyone.

If you liked what you saw here, go and register to some online casino. It’s quite fun. You don’t need friends for this, you can go alone and play. Also, you don’t have to play on pc, you can play as well on your android, mobile, or iPhone and as I said earlier you have other games as well on these websites. Also to mention, playing games online have one huge advantage. If you are smoker, you don’t need to think about smoking bans. Personally, I am not smoker but I think that this means a lot to people who smoke.

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Mobile pokies

peole_laptopIt’s very sad when you realize that things that give you fun and their existence is about killing boredom, became dull. When you feel all stressed out and you want to relax, you should play some game to chill a little bit. But in my opinion, every game becomes boring after a while. I cannot imagine how many levels of free cell game I played on my personal computer. Millions? I don’t think so, but I played it a lot.

With technology advancing, phones became not only that thing for making calls. You can do a lot of things with your mobile phone, but at some point games that you used to play became boring as well. So you always have to explore new ways of fun and new mobile games. For example I played on my tablet SimCity. It’s a fun game and all of my friends love it. But you can’t play it on every mobile phone. And it may be a little addicted game. Also a lot of my friends couldn’t stop playing it. What you need is something much simpler. Solution for your problems is mobile pokies. You don’t know what’s that? Let me explain.


Pokies is a slang for slot machines (you may also know it as fruits). It’s easily confused with poker but you know it already that game of poker and slot machines aren’t so similar. They can both be machines and can be connected through gambling but other than that, no. Anyway, pokies became very popular through the country. It can be played in all of casinos but also in pubs. Friend once told me that people think about forbidding pokies from pubs, because little bands don’t have room to play. It got so influential.

Although you can play it there, you may also play it on you mobile phone. And that’s a huge advantage because it’s really fun and you can kill time with it. And for me that’s the whole point of this game.

However, there is that gambling aspect if you are that kind of guy. All you need to do is, from my perspective, learn to play it, wait to get more experienced and go pro and play it for money. Even then, you don’t have to go to real casinos because there is variety of online casinos available.

What’s the best online casino in 2016?

slotomanja-150x150All you need to do is register, log in and play. And deposit some money I think. I’m not sure, I’m not type of person who will gamble, I never been. I am only talking about non gambling mobile pokies. And it’s very fun. Especially, when you realize that there is variety of pokies. For example, I first played slotomania, and then I realized that there was different types of pokies with lot of different themes-often themes from movies. And it’s a good thing about that variety because at the beginning I told that boredom is hideous, and to prevent it with pokies, all you need to do is to download some newer version of mobile pokies, such as pokies with The Walking Dead theme.

So there you have it you can listen to my advice, or you may not. It’s your loss.

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Gambling of the future

laptop_users_apAren’t you tired of hearing that we, the youngsters, spend way too much time browsing the web? But let’s face it – it’s much more fun that way. In my case this also applies to online gambling and casinos. I’ve always been a fan of throwing the dice once and a while but what I found most amusing is that online gambling (such as online blackjack or even online pokies) offers the opportunity to have a blast from the comfort of your own home. Of course, you may think that gambling in a bricks and mortar (other name for regular, real world casinos) offers the experience of choice and the sense of excitement. However, as you are probably aware, the web offers a variety of prospects for self-amusement and exhilaration since a wide range of online gambling games are available in cyber space.

In my opinion online gambling is the gambling of the future. As everything else, in terms of experience, gambling is also slowly being converted into virtual reality. If you are still not convinced do try a trial version of some online games and you will see.

Here is a list of pros that online casino users experience on a daily basis.

1. Trials or test drive versions of games are available for FREE

This is the best part. Obviously you can play a hand of blackjack or a spin of online pokies (that are now available even on android devices) without spending a dime. When ending a trial version of a game you can decide whether to register and play with real money. Also, there is a wide range of games available which means you don’t even have to play for real money, just browse the web for free games available.

Real casino experience on your mobiles

2. The game history on your device is documented

This means that no matter whether you’re playing on your tablet, desktop or smartphone, the game stats are recorded as you play the games. Your data is saved due to a dependable computerized system that saves all your stats while you are playing. This makes it much easier to continue where you left off and it helps to monitor your performance.

3. Access to games no matter when or where

This is quite an important issue due to the fact that you probably tend to get bored, for example, while traveling from one place to another. So, it is possible to seek refuge from this boredom in online casino club games. Today it is not necessary to even set a foot in a brick and mortar casino to quench your thirst for an authentic casino experience.


4. No annoying people and no expensive drinks

Although casinos are an extremely glamorous place to be, distractions are inevitable. Even if the beautiful girls that work as hostesses and the men in their tuxedos add to this glamorous feel, this extravagant atmosphere usually serves as a distraction from your game and your focus towards a game is jeopardized. In the case of online gambling, there are no distractions.

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Different types of android pokies

mobilearistocrat-400x286It seems that in the world of android phones every game looks one to another. That there are no inventive games no more. Friend told me the other day that he downloaded another candy saga game. I can’t remember what it was called but it really sounds stupid if you are replacing jewels with diamonds once in a while. If you are not aware, these things are the common symbols in these games. Ok, I get it you like it, and that there are different types of the same game. But maybe you could try something new. Something better.

I advise something new and better, and I advise you the same. I am talking about android pokies. You don’t know what this is, well let me explain. Pokies is a slang for slot machines (you may also know it as fruits). It’s easily confused with poker but you know it already that game of poker and slot machines aren’t so similar. They can both be machines and can be connected through gambling but other than that, no. Anyway, pokies became very popular through the country and especially for androids. So what types of android pokies are available you ask? I will tell you four most popular.

1. Game of Thrones

For starters, there is something you should be familiar with. This is the most appealing game for all new users. Like the TV show, The Game of Thrones is a top-notch hit among the pokie players. The characters and the situations are used from now already famous TV show. So you will enjoy in a game itself, but also in all things that include this magical kingdom called Westeros. Maybe in this game, Ned Stark will not die.

Game of Thrones video slot game from Roxy Palace Online Casino

2. Slotomania

The most successful game, so as I heard. As the commercial for this game says -The fruit has gone mad in Slotomania! There are 80,000 coins available in this 5-reel 14-payline pokie. Some say that this is a classic game. Maybe even pioneer in the world of android pokies. I think that this is a game with the best commercial success in android pokies world.


3. Mermaids Millions

As Thunderstruck this is also a 5-reel, 9-paylinegame. Water theme gives realistic experience, where you will swim and go through the waters of the deep sea, alongside with the mermaids, to see if you win the main award. All sea creatures are there. Seahorses, Oysters and Lobsters… You will try to win the main price, but you will also enjoy in discover glittering treasures at the bottom of the sea. Well, not literally, that is just a slogan.

4. Thunderstruck


No, we are not talking about famous AC/DC song. This thunder themed pokie is great fun. It has 5-reel, 9-payline slot. It has Thor as main character and he is represented as the Wild symbol, which doubles your winnings when doing the right combination. You have free spins that can be retriggered if some symbols appear during the round. And if only two symbols appear, you’re still a winner.

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How to handle possible deposit problems on gambling websites

Online-CasinosFinding a reliable and reputable online casino is the first step to take before you start gambling online. With a good online casino, not only that you will have a large choice of games, nice design and a lot of possibilities, but there are also many other benefits. Customer Support will be available to you at any time, you will be able to use a large number of deposit and withdrawal methods, but most importantly – your personal data and transaction details will be safe and secure. In addition, online casinos offer a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, so you can use credit and debit cards, various e-wallets and even wire transfer.

However, even with a reputable online casino, certain deposit or withdrawal problems may arise. In this article we will deal with the most common deposit problems and ways to handle them. If you happen to experience any of the withdrawal problems on an online casino website, you do should not panic, because most of these problems can easily be resolved.

Various Credit CardsSince many online gamblers use credit or debit card to deposit and withdraw funds, one of the most common deposit problems is that the card gets denied. Before you get annoyed or worried, it is important to know that this problem most commonly arises when there are no enough funds on the card, and you are trying to deposit the sum which exceeds your limit. Try depositing a smaller amount of money, and if it still does not work, the next step is to check whether you have entered the billing address, the card number and the rest of the data correctly. Some banks even limit the amount you can deposit onto online gambling websites, so check the limit of your card and whether it has one. Another possible source of the problem is that your card is not cleared for online or international transactions, so if you have entered the data correctly, you want to deposit the right amount and you still get rejected – you should contact the card issuer and check whether the card is allowed to be used for online and international transactions.

Another problem can arise in deposit restrictions. Some online casinos only allow a certain amount of money to be deposited, and the limit cannot be exceeded in a single transaction. If you are a small player, that should not be a problem, because the limit is usually between $1,000 and $2,000. However, it may pose a problem for high rollers. In the case of deposit limits, you cannot do much, but you can either accept the policy or find another online casino.


One of the most common problems is the speed of deposit. Since the deposit is usually visible on the online casino account a few moments after you have placed it (especially if you use e-wallets), it can seem alarming if it is not there right away. Keep in mind that some deposit methods take some time before the deposit is visible, such as bank wire, which can take up to several days.

Learn More About E-Wallets:

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